Hair Loss And Simple Treatments

Hair loss and breakage
  • About hair loss and hair breakage
  • The Main Causes of hair loss and hair breakage
  • Treatments – Can be done at home

I love my hair because it’s a reflection of my soul. It’s dense, it’s kinky, it’s soft, it’s textured, it’s difficult, it’s easy and it’s fun. That’s why I love my hair.
By ~Tracee Ellis Ross

What is hair loss and hair breakage?

Healthy hair depends on an internal crust with overlapping crusts that maintain the cohesion of its strands. When these crusts break up, the hair can dry and eventually separate, leading to damage. This causes breakage, along with some other symptoms, such as wrinkles and dehydration. Eventually, hair loss can only on your scalp or on your entire body and can be temporary or permanent. It can be caused by inheritance, hormonal changes, medical conditions, or a natural part of aging. Anyone can have loss and hair breakage, but it is more common in men.

What are the causes of hair loss and hair breakage?
There are several reasons, including:

  • Lack of a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Tension.
  • Dry hair.
  • Hair is exposed to a lot of high heat, such as the constant use of the hair iron.
  • Over-washing your hair, preferably only twice a week.
  • Misuse of the towel.
  • Permanently fastening your hair may further damage and break your hair.
  • Misuse of the comb when combing your hair.
  • Don’t pay attention to constantly cutting damaged hair limbs.
  • Eating disorders.
  • Hypothyroidism.
  • The causes of hair loss are:
  • A family history of baldness.
  • Some sex hormones can lead to genetic hair loss, which may begin early in adulthood.
  • Large diseases, surgeries, or traumatic events can lead to hair loss.
  • Hormonal changes can cause temporary hair loss, such as pregnancy, childbirth, discontinuation of pill use, and menopause.

Some medical conditions that can cause hair loss include:

Thyroid disease.

  • Alopecia (an autoimmune disease that attacks hair follicles).
  • Scalp infections such as palm.
  • Hair loss can also be due to some medications used, such as medications used when treating:
    • Cancer.
    • High blood pressure.
    • Arthritis.
    • Depression.

Treatment :
Some steps should be taken to avoid hair breakage and hair loss, including:

  • Conditioner should be used after shampooing.
  • Massage the scalp and rinse the hair instead of rubbing it.
  • Wear a swimming cap to protect hair from chlorine and other chemicals found in swimming pools.
  • Wash hair with a specialized swimming shampoo after swimming.
  • Dry the hair by wrapping it with a towel or letting it dry naturally away from using the towel friction method.
  • Let the hair dry slightly in the air first before drying it with a dryer or brushing.
  • Reduce the use of hot tools on hair, such as individual hair tools.
  • Reduce the use of hair dye and styling products.
  • Change hairstyles and stay away from tying them harshly.
  • Avoid wearing tight hats constantly on the hair, keep them for sun protection only.
  • Gently comb the hair in one direction and steady.
  • If your hair is currently falling out, use nice baby shampoo to wash your hair.
  • Eat a balanced diet to ensure that hair gets all the nutrients it needs.

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